Medical Shmedical!

Heal me, won’t ya lass? During this time, medicine was definitely more natural than our Advil that we take today. They would use different herbs to heal the sick and mend a broken bone. They couldn’t do much about diseases such as the plague, but Healers were still available to heal in any way they could. There were these creatures that could heal people. The fancy people that took care of the ill were called Healers. Before they became Healers, they were thought to b witches because they would mix up “potions” and people thought it was of the devil. Once everyone got over that notion, Healers were used everywhere. Therapeutic procedures and supplement intake were used even way back then. Today’s technology was just advanced the idea.  Most Healers were females. Strange how that works. Women could be Healers but couldn’t earn the title Doctor. Well beats me. Need a doc? Give me a call at 1-800-Heal-Scott and we’ll take care of you! Be prepared to feel young and healthy again!



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