Got a Taste for Fashion?

The Scottish people had their own sense of fashion. Doesn’t everyone? In the mid-18th century, Highlanders gave the Scotts the patterned kilt trend. The colors in the kilts represented a clan name. It was a way of knowing where you stand in society, religion, and house. Around the 1740’s, it was illegal to wear the “belted plaid”, also known as the kilt, unless you were a soldier. Back then, that was the uniform. The way of identifying your friend form your foe. You were of course able to wear your clan pattern in a dress, blouse, or trouser form, but the kilt was meant for the Scottish army’s use. They also did this so they could do away with Highlanders. They were mostly known to be thugs or deserters of their duties.

As an accessory, so to speak, the Scotts wore tartans which are the pieces of fabric you see above that come across the chest and are pined to the jacket with a clan crest.

Lastly, the Scottish wore sporran and garter flashes. A sporran is the canteen with usually the fur hanging off of it. The garter flashes are the stocking like socks you see them wearing. Up on their thighs they wear a strap that holds a knife. Yes, the knife is meant for protection. Well, that’s all for now! Stay tuned to find out more about the mysterious Scottish past.





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