Greek Religious Values Through the Ages

I’m sure that many people are familiar with Classical Greek Religion. However, modern Greece is now a very Christian country with many of the old traditions fading away. The first time Classical Geek Mythology was compiled together was around the 8th century by the Greek poet Hesoid. Hesoid combined the many Greek Creation myths about the foundation of Earth and the universe into one story about Gaia and Eros creating Earth in the Void in order to give a place to the gods which ultimately led to the creation of the Titans, Gods and Mankind. Greek mythology continued to evolve from there through countless sources into what we know today and call Classical Greek Mythology. Classical Greek Mythology continued it’s existence until the Roman Emperor Theodosius I ordered the closure of Greek Pagan sites in 379 CE, then ends Pagan games in 393 CE and finally orders the destruction of Olympia in 426 CE. Theodosius declared that Christianity was the official religion of the Roman Empire in 392 CE which included modern day Greece. Christianity became so popular through the Roman Empire that the city of Constantinople  (formerly the Greek city Byzantine) became a cultural hub of Christianity. Constantinople remained a center of Christian Ideology (specifically Orthodox Christianity) until the sack of Constantinople in 1453 CE. After this the city was once again renamed this time to Istanbul by Islamic invaders. This did not hinder Christianity very much because the Islamic people tolerated Christians and recognized Jesus as a great prophet and declared the Christian populace as another People of the Book. When Greece was finally able to break away from Roman Catholics and Islam, it was allowed to elect it’s own Kephale in 1850. Today the Church of Greece is governed by the Archbishop of Athens and Christianity is important to the vast majority of the Greek people.



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