Politicians Much?

Man! I need to get me one of those guys! Scotland had a thing for parliament. But before parliament, the Scottish people were broken into sectors. Each sector had a ruler, or in this case, a laird. The lairds ruled over clans. The clans were groups of individuals that carried an ancestor’s name and would be known as that clan by the colors in their plaid uniforms and the last name bestowed upon them. The Scotts were strong nationalists. They believed in their ways; that their ways were fine the way they were. The British King thought differently. Britain invaded the lands of the Scottish to try to convince them that they needed to conform to British ways. Maybe the British were just trying to help the Scotts, but no way Jose did that end well.  Politics really do get in the way of a lovely friendship.  Eventually the Scottish political system grew to a parliament based sector, without lairds and clans, and followed some British influences. No more separate clans. No more sector lords. Just a good ole group of men making decisions  for Scotland to be the best in can be!


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