Food Fetish of the Scottish

Ayi! Our food is sure to tickle ye fancy! The Scotts are well know for their haggis, whiskey, deep-fried Mars bars, and shortbread. Their dishes are both Celtic and Norse inspired. There are so much more unique dishes that the Scotts created such as the following: cranachan, aberdeen angus beef, smoked salmon, scotch broth, venison casserole, haggis with neeps and tatties, farmhouse cheese and oatcakes, roast lamb, clootie dumplings, and baked salmon. The most popular cheese in Scotland in cheddar. They use to have over 24 individual cheese producers around this time. Deep-frying most dishes was a big deal for in Scotland. And here we thought deep-fried  goods came from the south here in the U.S.!! Fish and chips, or batter fried cod and fries or potato chips, originated in Scotland.  Pork, although, isn’t the most desired meat in Scotland. A typical breakfast in Scotland would consist of a coffee, porridge and bacon, and even potato scones. As you can tell, potatoes are kind of a huge deal for the Scotts. Now, for a good lunch, Scotts like to have sandwiches or pies with a hot cup of tea. Lunch usually starts around 1pm. Not too late, not too early. Just in time for tea! There are two “classes” of food; highland and lowland food, also known as rich people food versus poor people food. Barley cakes, cheese, eggs, and butter were the highland delicacies during this time. Milk and fish were apart of the lowland people’s diet for everyday eats. Here are some more dishes that come from Scotland:

  • Muscatel Raisins in Bunches, for desserts, in small boxes of only 6 lb. and upwards.
  • Jordan Almonds in small boxes.
  • Almonds a la Princesse, or Soft-shelled Almonds.
  • Spanish Green Grapes, in bunches and jars.
  • Pistatio [sic] Nuts and Pomegranates.
  • Oranges, and other Green Fruits.
  • Dried apples and pears
  • French Plums, in the highest state of perfection, and of the most exquisite flavour.
  • Imperial Plums, in beautiful small square baskets.
  • Prunes de Pistole, in ditto.
  • A variety of French and Italian Liqueurs.
  • Dried Cherries, Apricots, Peaches, Pears, and Cherries in Brandy.
  • Green Truffles, Conserve of Tomatoes, prepared by the celebrated Monsieur Appert.
  • Mirabelle Plums, Apricots, Green-Gages, Cherries, and other Fruits for Tarts in bottles.
  • A great variety of Dried Vegetables, from Monsieur Malliez
  • Beautiful young preserved West India Ginger, in bottles and jars of all sizes.
  • The finest West India Tamarinds.
  • West India Green Sweetmeats.
  • West India Green Limes.
  • Guava Jelly.
  • Haricots,Rouge et Blanc.
  • Artichoke Bottoms, Eschalottes, Basolie, Champignons,and other articles invariably used in all made dishes in France.
  • A great variety of the different compound French Vinaigres et Moutards, from M. Bordin (Vinaigrier du Roi.)
  • Bon Bons — Beautiful specimens of French Confectionary — Sugar Figures and Mottoes of all kinds, from Paris.
  • Chocolate de Santé, and other kinds: et Baton Royal, from Monsieur Dumont.
  • A large supply of the finest Provence Salad Oil, from Aix, a beautiful article, in white bottles.
  • Macaroni, Vermicelli, and Cagliari Paste, of various shapes, put up in small boxes for family use.
  • Gruyer Cheeses from Switzerland. Neufchatel Cheeses from France. With a large supply of Stilton Cheeses, Selected from the finest Dairies in England, which will be found to posses in the highest degree that mellow and delicious flavour which distinguishes Stilton Cheeses.
  • Rotterdam
What a huge appetite I just got! Well enjoy the drool dripping from your mouth as you learn about the yummy meals that 18th century Scotland offered at this time.


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